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What is ValerStudios?

ValerStudios (VLR) is an incubator that uses blockchain technology to optimize operations and incubate projects for marginalized people, be they racial minorities, immigrants and women. Through VLR’s 3-Stage Incubator format, VLR incubates projects from each cycle that are selected through the ValerStudios community. VLR then takes each project on an incubation journey to create their own blockchain optimized business.

Through the use of smart contracts, ValerStudios purpose is to incubate and accelerate projects, businesses and nations into a  blockchain ecosystem. Our application of smart contract technology is mutually beneficial for both founders and investors alike due to its transparency, social cause, and innovative utilities of which ValerStudios is a pioneer.


VLR is focused on building wealth in oppressed communities. Whether that is moving businesses through the incubator or creating education, information & access to building their wealth, VLR is here to help.

SOcial cause

Apart from the 80% of total fees that will be reinvested into the staking pool, another 7% of total fees will go to a special wallet that will be designated to charity. Tackle social injustice together with VLR!

Generational black wealth creator

In congruence with the study from Citigroup, societies that aggressively build infrastructure and empowerment around their most marginalized, experience the most growth. VLR is building the next 100 years and you are a part of it.

Blockchain-enabled economy to unlock wealth in marginalized communities.

An incubator that assists entrepreneurs in obtaining access to traditional and nontraditional funding sources that can be community led.

Staking pool

VLR can be staked in the VLR Staking pool. As part of the staking pool mechanism, VLR token holders will be able to receive tokens from other projects and will be able to stake those tokens into each project’s staking pool. Reap the benefits!


Join Our Decentralized Platform

VLR uses DeFi tools to optimize its operations by automating the distribution of revenues with the use of smart contracts in a decentralized mechanism. All you need to do to participate is a MetaMask wallet. VLR is the first incubator in the world to leverage blockchain technology in this way to prove its mission in the most transparent way possible by the use of blockchain hashes and smart contracts to provide publicly verifiable transparency in its operations. 

Catalyze the creation of generational wealth of undervalued communities
in 5 steps

Help incubate the next generation of blockchain applications and assist the project creation within black and underserved communities around the world.

The time for community wealth creation is now.

Ready to get started? The best way to get started with Valer is to get in touch with one of our team members and fill out an application. We’re ready to talk you through how to best get involved with our community.

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