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Building the Next Generation of Decentralized Finance
within black and underserved communities

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The VLR token?

An incubator focused around building wealth in oppressed communities.

Our token is focused on building wealth in oppressed communities.


Valer is determined to build the next generation of decentralized finance. One that will bring generational wealth for the next 100 years.


Valer empowers the underserved communities by incubating and accelerating people, projects, businesses and nations into the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.


Valer knows the importance of community. VLR token holders in the community receive tokens from other projects, are able to stake those tokens into each project’s staking pool, as well as possess voting rights.


Valer values a crypto economy that is built around community. Valer supports the black and underserved communities, as well as donates 7% of total fees to charity.

The time for community wealth creation is now


Intro to the Ecosystem

The ecosystem of ValerStudios’ starts with disruptive ideas that contribute to initially boost the economy of black and underserved communities globally. The objective of our organization is to provide governance, services and infrastructure to each project.


Nature of the token

The ValerStudios’ (VLR) Token is a BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 non-mintable and deflationary tokens. ValerStudios’ token will initially launch on Binance Smart Chain with the view to migrate to a next generation smart contract blockchain called Flare Networks after it launches in late 2021. Flare Networks will ensure transaction costs are very low and scalability high in what will be the most decentralized smart contract platform created to date.

Vlr Token Holders

Benefits & voting power

The percentage of revenue from each project is injected into the staking pool which increases the value of all VLR tokens within the staking pool. ValerStudios’ token will provide utility by offering governance to VLR holders in which projects are incubated as well as exclusive incentives to VLR holders in all ValerStudios’ projects such as: discounted pricing and voting rights. It is important to know that once the Token Holders purchase VLR and transfer it to the staking pool, there is a 3% entry fee and a 3% exit fee. These fees are beneficial for our Token Holders to ensure long-term lock-up of the tokens and to protect the integrity of the staking pool.

Crypto economy

How vlr works

ValerStudios’ ecosystem is designed to incubate and accelerate new projects, existing companies and nations through a full, bespoke crypto-economy creation by use of decentralized finance tools. From smart contracts development, token creation/minting, business strategy and full launch, ValerStudios’ will provide the full suite of services and innovation to responsibly launch up to 6 projects every 6 months. The selection process will run on a decentralized governance model. Each project will have elements that can create access and wealth back to African American communities and the diaspora around the world.

Vlr token holders

Vlr distribution

Projects that join the network are incentivised to stake their tokens inside ValerStudios’ platform staking pool that is backed up by a percentage of their revenue. Giving the opportunity to any ValerStudios’ token holder to receive part of the benefits from the project in which they believe. VLR can be staked in the VLR Staking pool. As part of the staking pool mechanism, VLR token holders will be able to receive tokens from other projects and will be able to stake those tokens into each project’s staking pool. 80% of the total fees will be reinvested in the staking pool. Another 3% will be burned to create scarcity for the token, 10% will buyback MTC and reward the staker and the last 7% will go to a special wallet that will be designated to charity.